PoE Light US
  • Low-Voltage Lighting is Revolutionizing
    the Smart Home

    A Whole Home, network-based lighting system wired with Cat5/6 cable and Automation Control System.
    Energy Efficient. Cost-Effective. Easy to Install.
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PoE Light US is now the Northeast Representative for PMMI Lighting, a company that has developed a totally unique, whole-home lighting system that uses low-voltage DC power throughout your home or office. PMMI offers a practical lighting system with a great deal of power, control, and flexibility. The primary power source can be AC or DC, but power and control for all fixtures, switches, motion detectors, and light sensors are accomplished with Cat5 or Cat6 cable and low-voltage DC. Mobile access to the system is possible with Alexa, iOS, and Android apps. It is a safer system than traditional AC lighting and costs about the same.

If you want to see the future of home lighting, you need to see this system!