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PoE Lighting for New Home Construction

By - Rob
22.02.21 03:10 PM

We get more and more calls for a residential solution

There is a lot to consider when building a new home or doing a major renovation. Lighting, while just part of the picture, is an important part. And everybody is talking about "Smart Homes". There are numerous approaches to creating a Smart Home with a number of considerations. Is wireless connectivity the way to go or is a cabled connection a better option? Ease of management is also something to think about. Some options require that each fixture or fixture string is managed independently. Others provide easier management of a entire home's lighting system.

In our opinion, security is at the forefront of any installation. A wired solution is inherently more secure than wireless. The only access point of a wired solution is the Internet connection, which doesn't always have to be maintained for the system to function. Internet security is another topic, and highly important for anyone who goes online. Good firewalls and strong passwords are part of the solution. A wired solution that is not connected to the Internet is very secure and does not offer the potential for intruders to gain access, as wireless options might.