PoE Light US

Getting started with low-voltage lighting

By - Rob
13.03.20 07:04 PM

Why are we powering 6 volt lights with 120 volts of electricity?

This is the big question that we ponder at PoE Light US. Power over Ethernet (PoE) isn't new. It has been used to power IP cameras, wireless access point and telephones for many years. Meanwhile most of us have begun using LED lights as our primary lighting source. Each LED that is powered with standard 120V cable requires a conversion from 120V to the low-voltage power that the LED requires. In a bulb this conversion happens in the base and because of this conversion the base can get very hot. This is the reason that many of the "long-lasting" LED bulbs fail long before their suggested lifespan. At PoE Light US we want to help people realize that it is more energy efficient and often less expensive to use a true low-voltage lighting system in new construction.