PoE Light US

True Low-voltage Lighting

By - Rob
17.02.21 06:43 PM

PoE, low-voltage lighting is here, but is it practical?

Many of us have been seeing the rise of PoE lighting for new construction. It makes sense to use low-voltage cabling for low-voltage fixtures. It is less expensive to pull, it is safer, and it isn't the overkill that powering a low-voltage fixture with 120 volts of electricity is.

Bit by bit, more companies are recognizing the benefits of PoE lighting. Unfortunately in today's market, PoE is being developed and marketed primarily for large commercial applications. There are also the Smart Home applications, which don't use PoE. They still use 120V and provide connectivity via wifi, or other connectivity application.

We have found one, easy to use, straight-forward, reasonably priced, PoE system for the residential market. And so far, only one.

Let us know if you are familiar with other companies. We'd love to know about them.