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Welcome to PoE Light US!

There is a quiet revolution occurring within the energy sector right now. For over a century we all have relied on alternating electrical current (AC) to light our homes and provide power to all of our home appliances. Our electrical grid infrastructure has been based on the generation of AC power, but that is changing because our needs are changing. Most of the energy-efficient devices used in our homes today actually require DC power to operate. These include common household products such as lights, laptops, phones, TVs, smart phones, printers and any Ethernet powered device.


Low-voltage LED lights are now standard fixtures in homes and businesses. Because the wiring to those lights is most likely 120V AC power, each bulb needs a transformer attached to it’s base to convert that AC power to usable low-voltage DC power. Doing it this way generates heat, and hence, wasted energy. It’s a bit like using a high-pressure garden hose to fill up a glass of water.


Greener solutions like solar panels and wind turbines both generate their electricity as DC. All battery storage systems are also DC. Since most of our homes are wired for AC power, any DC generated power must be changed to AC as it enters our home – only to be changed back again to DC before being used by any low-voltage device.


It is now possible to power low-voltage lights and devices directly with DC power through Power over Ethernet. This approach provides a much safer and more efficient system, less expensive to install and operate. It is revolutionizing how smart homes and buildings are constructed.


At PoE Light US we are excited about the low-voltage lighting solutions available for use right now – perfect for new home construction! We can also provide information on networked PoE lighting for larger scale projects, like schools and businesses.